Monday, June 27, 2011 3 comments

Michele Bachmann Formally Enters The Race For President In 2012

In November 2009, this blog was established with the purpose of seeking to enlist Michele Bachmann to run for president in 2012.  At the time, very few people dreamed that Michele Bachmann would run or that she would have a prayer of becoming the Republican nominee.  Well, today Michele Bachmann announced that she is formally entering the race for the presidency in 2012.  Not only that, but she is absolutely surging in the polls.  The more America sees of Michele Bachmann the more they seem to like her.  Most of the other Republican presidential contenders have seemed very hesitant to stand up for conservative values, but Michele Bachmann has shown over and over that she is not afraid to take on Barack Obama head on.  When the liberal media attacks her viciously it just seems to make her stronger.  It is going to take someone with a strong spine to defeat Barack Obama in 2012, and that is exactly what Michele Bachmann has.  America is facing some very troubled times right now, and it is going to take a strong leader to turn this country back in a positive direction.

The following is video of the speech that Michele Bachmann gave in Iowa to announce that she is formally entering the race for president.  As you can see, she is full of energy and she is ready to give everything she has to win in 2012....