Monday, November 16, 2009

12 Reasons Why America Needs Michele Bachmann To Run For President In 2012

There are many Republicans lining up to fight for their party's presidential nomination in 2012. But all of them have huge problems and very few of them are true conservatives. As we have seen during the Tea Party gatherings and the town hall protests, Americans are sick and tired of "fake conservatives" and of politicians who promise one thing and do another. They want someone who is genuine and who speaks from the heart. That is what they will get from Michele Bachmann. The following are 12 reasons why American needs Michele Bachmann to run for president in 2012.....

#1) Abortion - As a former foster-mother for 23 children, Michele Bachmann understands that each and every child is precious. During her brief tenure in the U.S. Congress, she has been one of the few members to actually try to honestly fight for the rights of the unborn. A lot of Republicans give lip service to the issue of abortion, but once they are in office they do absolutely nothing about it. The truth is that the United States of America is NOT going to survive if we keep killing approximately a million unborn children each year. Michele Bachmann would be the most pro-life president the U.S. has had ever since Roe v. Wade was decided.

#2) Health Care - The socialist "health care reform" bill being rushed through Congress is one of the worst pieces of legislation that America has ever seen. Michele Bachmann has been viciously attacked for fighting against it, but she has not backed down. In fact, she has shown extreme courage by battling to stop a bill that would virtually destroy the health care system in the United States. The truth is that the bill is so bad that one poll revealed that 45 percent of America's doctors would consider shutting down their practices or retiring if Obama's plan is ultimately adopted. As demonstrated by the townhall protests this past summer, the American people do not want this horrific health care bill to pass. Michele Bachmann is fighting really hard to keep that from happening.

#3) Carbon Taxes And The Global Warming Fraud - Tens of millions of Americans blindly follow Al Gore, the "eco-prophet" who is trying to "save the environment" by viciously attacking carbon dioxide. Michele Bachmann is one of the few members of Congress who are willing to stand up and tell the truth that carbon dioxide is one of the fundamental building blocks of life on earth and that it is NOT causing global warming.

#4) Auditing The Federal Reserve - Michele Bachmann has bravely joined Ron Paul's call to audit the Federal Reserve. Did you know that the Federal Reserve has never been the subject of a true comprehensive audit ever since it was created in the early part of the last century? The reality is that the people of the United States have a right to know what is going on over at the privately owned central bank that has almost complete control over U.S. currency and banking. The Federal Reserve played a massive role in creating the horrific economic crisis that the U.S. is currently experiencing, and the reality is that right now the Federal Reserve has very little accountability to the U.S. Congress or to anyone else for that matter. Michele Bachmann wants to change that.

#5) Global Currency - Michele Bachmann is fundamentally against the move towards the creation of a global reserve currency. In fact, she has introduced legislation to protect the status of the U.S. dollar. The reality is that globalism has gotten totally out of control, but both Democrat and Republican leaders have been recklessly pushing increased globalism for decades. It is about time that we had a president that is willing to stand up against globalism and willing to stand up against a global currency.

#6) Wall Street Bailouts - Michele Bachmann was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Wall Street bailouts. Why should countless billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars go to Wall Street elitists who made some big mistakes? The Wall Street bankers certainly are not interested in bailing out those who are losing their homes or their jobs. In fact, the Wall Street bankers are hoarding the cash they received in the bailouts and have decreased lending instead of increasing it. The truth is that the bailouts that both John McCain and Barack Obama supported were absolute madness. Michele Bachmann has been fighting these bailouts, and that is one reason why the Tea Party crowd loves her so much.

#7) Taxing And Spending - It is simply not possible to tax and spend a nation into prosperity. In July 2009, the budget deficit of the U.S. federal government topped $1 trillion for the first time ever. The nation’s debt is expanding so rapidly that it almost seems impossible to keep track of it. Meanwhile, unemployment numbers and foreclosures are headed for the stratosphere. The U.S. economy is dying, and the big government policies of both the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible. Now the Democrats want to raise taxes on an American people that is already being taxed to death. America desperately needs a fiscally responsible leader like Michele Bachmann in the White House.

#8) Israel - The anti-Israel policies of Barack Obama could end up being completely disastrous for the United States. The U.S. needs a president that understands that Israel is a great friend and ally.

#9) Gay Marriage - Michele Bachmann supports both a federal and a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and any legal equivalents. This is very refreshing at a time when even many Republican lawmakers are coming out in favor of gay marriage.

#10) Energy Policy - The United States does not have to be dependent on oil from the Middle East. There are great untapped reserves in the mountain West, ANWR and in the outer-continental shelf. Michele Bachmann has introduced four pieces of legislation to free up those energy reserves and to promote alternative forms of energy.

#11) Socialism - After the recent government takeovers of General Motors, Chrysler and other once prominent corporations, there is little use denying that we are quickly becoming a socialist nation. Michele Bachmann was one of the few members of Congress who were willing to tell it like it is when Obama was making these moves. Her speech on "gangster government" has become a classic. Michele Bachmann would fight to reverse the march towards socialism and would work to get America back on the path of capitalism and free enterprise where we belong.

#12) Leadership - The conservative movement in the United States desperately needs a true leader right now, and Michele Bachmann can provide the kind of inspirational leadership that most other Republican politicians simply cannot. One recent example of Michele's leadership was a massive grassroots conservative rally organized by Michele on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to protest the health care reform bill that drew 10,000 to 20,000 participants – far more than the 2,000 originally predicted.

Conservatives are inspired by Michele Bachmann. They respond to her leadership. The truth is that the Republicans have not had a true inspirational conservative leader in the White House since Ronald Reagan. It is about time they had another.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Taxpaying Republican who was part of the Nov. 5 rally in DC...and also happens to be gay. How can you claim to be against Big Government when your brand of Republicanism is to co-op the Constitution with Big Church?

Ditto on point 1 and 9. You want to keep the Government out of our wallets... only to have the Government extend their jurisdiction into a woman's womb and the bedroom of a gay but TAXPAYING couple?!

How does making #1 and #9 a primary Presidential help towards the Constitutional and Economic recovery of the Republic?

I'll support #9 if there is also a constitutional amendment banning divorces and jail time for husbands and wives who cheat on their spouses.

Your brand of faux-Republicanism is precisely what Thomas Jefferson warned us about when he penned the Constitution. Did you miss the part about separation of Church and State?

Did you think the two Republican candidates in VA and NJ won the recent gubnatorial race because they ran a pro-life and anti-gay platform? Or because they focused strictly on more tangible economic issues?!

You better rethink your tagline:
It's time to restore the Constitution in America. It's time to put someone with actual financial and managerial skills in the White House. It's time for America to enlist an Enlightened Citizen to run against Barack Obama in 2012.

If voters like you were more attuned to being a Constitutionalist than a 'religious conservative', we just might get more swing voters to win this war against the Socialist and Liberals in power.

Anonymous said...

If you lose #1 and #9, she can win in a landslide. With #1 and #9, she will be lucky to win, at all, and could hand Obama a second term. Most independent voters (who will decide the election) are loathe to embrace a Christian theocracy.

Here is the electoral arithmetic. Everyone who would vote for Michele, will vote for her, anyway, even if she shelves the "family values" aspect of her campaign. Everyone who would vote for Obama, will do it either way. The independents will vote based on their assessment of the relative threats of Christian Theocracy and Marxism. Right now, Christian Theocracy (a religious dictatorship) is still the greater threat for many of them.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann has the support of the US Diaspora! Obama has proven incontrovertibly that he is a sworn enemy of Israel; Bachmann, however, understands that (in the words of Netanyahu) "America has no greater ally than Israel!"

Mitchel said...

#9 is the reason why I will vote for Bachmann. We are in need of a president and government that will stand honestly before God to keep what our forefathers have passed on to us. We will stand together to keep the core values of America from vanishing before our children grow up to learn and to be proud of them like we do.

We need someone to voice out for the majority of the pure-hearted who are being threatened by the evil gay-marriage riot all over the country at this critical time.

Obama, who claims to be a Christian at all times, choose to stand with those that hate God and hate Christians (as is evident from the posts here). He is trustful to no one, since he is not even true to God. (I voted for Obama in his first election. I was cheated, but now I see).

conservativeBC said...

Great I found another Bachmann Blog! I am trying to get us pro Bachmann bloggers more organized...

I will add you to my blogroll please do the same for me.

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